Courage After The Crash
"The definitive chronicle of the aftermath of the United Flight 93"
by Glenn J. Kashurba, M.D.

Table of Contents...

CHAPTER 1: Where Were You?

Holly L. MacKenzie, United flight attendant
Gregg M. MacKenzie, American pilot
John Peters, County Planning Commission
Brooke Piper, Shanksville student
Nicholle Piper, Shanksville student
Christine Piper, Brooke and Nicholle's mother
Hope Neiderhiser, chef
Dennis M. Kashurba, Licensed Psychologist
Hazel Yoder, grandmother
J.P. O'Conner, Shanksville teacher
Fenna Queer, United Airlines employee
The Honorable Richard Kasunic, State Senator
Ryan Fisher, ten-year-old boy
Sarah Thompson, college student
Anna Ruth and Anna B. Fisher, Amish family
Terry Butler, witness
Rick and Tricia King, owners of Ida's Store

CHAPTER 2: First Responders

Shanksville firefighters
Rick King, Keith Custer, Wes Fritz, Tom Tweardy, Jr., Joe Black, Dan Black, Steve Yoder, Terry Shaffer, and Amanda Hauger
Jill Miller, paramedic
Mike Sube, firefighter
Roger Bailey, firefighter
Jon Meyer and Keith Hoffer, WJAC-TV
Gerald Parry, firefighter
Bill Baker, Emergency Management Agency (EMA)

CHAPTER 3: City Builders

Rick Lohr, Director, EMA
Bill Baker, EMA
Jill Miller, paramedic
Jeremy Coughenour, EMA
Gregory Menser, plumber
Barry Kister, paramedic

CHAPTER 4: Security

Sergeant Patrick Madigan
Corporal Craig A. Bowman
Trooper Terry Wilson
Trooper Mark Hogan

CHAPTER 5: Community Response

The Honorable Judge Kim R. Gibson
Terressa Walker, therapist and mother
John Peters, County Planning Commission
Bill Cowher, Head Coach, Pittsburgh Steelers
Patricia B. Stone, retired child care executive
Michelle Zarefoss, Friedens Elementary teacher
Sue Foor, Friedens Elementary teacher
Ruby Berkebile, Friedens Elementary teacher
Elizabeth Maul, Friedens Elementary teacher
Donald Barclay, therapist
Pastor Edward DeVore
Pastor Robert Way
Jonas Scheffel, Scheffel Equipment
Pastor James Vandervort
Robert C. Miller, child care executive and football coach

CHAPTER 6: Relief

Janis Yingling, American Red Cross
Georgia Lehman, American Red Cross
Marilyn Albright, Salvation Army
Sherry Will and Jennifer Ritchey, Wendy's
Jean Croyle, freelance writer
Terry Shaffer, firefighter

CHAPTER 7: Investigation

FBI Supervisory Special Agent Wells Morrison

CHAPTER 8: Recovery

Daniel W. Rullo, County Solicitor
Rick Lohr, Director, Emergency Management Agency
Roger Bailey, firefighter
Terry Shaffer, firefighter
Penny Reiman, x-ray technician and DMORT member

CHAPTER 9: Support

Mary Piatt-Bruner, therapist
Justin Beal, therapist
Tom Bender, therapist
Sharon Griffith, therapist
Eric Haglund, therapist

CHAPTER 10: Resorts Transformed

J ohn Mates, Seven Springs Mountain Resort
Kisa Valenti, Seven Springs Mountain Resort
Barry S. Lichty, Mayor, Indian Lake Borough
Sue A. Opp, Seven Springs Mountain Resort

CHAPTER 11: Aid and Comfort

Glenn J. Kashurba, M.D., Child Psychiatrist
Fenna Queer, United Airlines employee
Helen Thompson, R.N., nurse
Margaret L. Montgomery, R.N., nurse and midwife
Dennis M. Kashurba, Licensed Psychologist
Mike Sube, firefighter
Remarks by First Lady Laura Bush at Memorial Service
Pennsylvania Attorney General Mike Fisher
Remarks by Lynne V. Cheney at Memorial Service
Jon Meyer and Keith Hoffer, WJAC-TV

CHAPTER 12: Remembrance

Jon Meyer and Keith Hoffer, WJAC-TV
John Peters, County Planning Commission
Benedict G. Vinzani, Jr., Ph.D., Somerset Borough Manager
The Honorable Dr. Robert Bastian, State Representative
Mary Jane Kiehl, Flight 93 Ambassador
Nevin Lambert, Jr., Flight 93 Ambassador
Thomas J. Brown, firefighter
Roger Bailey, firefighter
Gary Singel, Superintendent, Shanksville-Stonycreek
James R. Oliver, Editor, Daily American
Vicki Rock, Report, Daily American


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