Courage After The Crash
"The definitive chronicle of the aftermath of the United Flight 93"
by Glenn J. Kashurba, M.D.


I live in the little town of Lambertsville ... there was an airplane that crashed near Shanksville. Oh my, it's on fire ... and smoke. It's unbelievable!
-- 911 Call, Chapter 2

The State Troopers were posted along the roads, twenty-four-seven. People there got firewood for the Troopers to build fires to stay warm. They allowed them to use their bathrooms and gave them coffee and food. It was really a credit to Somerset County the way people helped.
-- Bill Baker, EMA, Chapter 3

Of the memorial service in Somerset on September 14, 2001: It was amazing ... you saw men in suits ... farmers in coveralls ... blacks and whites ... different socio-economic levels ... united at that one time. It was such a feeling of pain and sympathy and also being proud to be an American.
-- Bill Cowher, Head Coach, Pittsburgh Steelers, Chapter 5

Red Cross volunteers served 65,000 meals, while the Salvation Army served 22,850 to workers at the crash site and morgue during the two weeks following the crash.
-- Chapter 6

We also recovered, and I will speak generically, significant documents related to the hijackers and some things that we believe were used as weapons by the hijackers.
--Wells Morrison, FBI, Chapter 7

How could you lose an airplane in so many pieces and have a wallet picture survive?
-- Roger Bailey, Somerset VFD, Chapter 8

He kept telling me, “Remember Cash Man. Please just remember that name.”
-- Sue Opp, bartender, Chapter 10

That family had left some Hawaiian shirts up at the site. He said that his sister was a party person, and she would have wanted us to laugh with our tears.
-- Margaret Montgomery, RN, Red Cross Volunteer, Chapter 11

Those who have wished to speak to the press usually first tell us about their loved one who died on the flight and then, without exception, talk about the local people who helped in the recovery ... One mother said the people here responded like a “Herd of Angels.”
-- Vicki Rock, Reporter, Chapter 12


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